Recast Navigation  (2016-05-09)
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CdtBVNodeBounding volume node
 CdtCrowdProvides local steering behaviors for a group of agents
 CdtCrowdAgentRepresents an agent managed by a dtCrowd object
 CdtCrowdAgentParamsConfiguration parameters for a crowd agent
 CdtCrowdNeighbourProvides neighbor data for agents managed by the crowd
 CdtLinkDefines a link between polygons
 CdtMeshHeaderProvides high level information related to a dtMeshTile object
 CdtMeshTileDefines a navigation mesh tile
 CdtNavMeshA navigation mesh based on tiles of convex polygons
 CdtNavMeshCreateParamsRepresents the source data used to build an navigation mesh tile
 CdtNavMeshParamsConfiguration parameters used to define multi-tile navigation meshes
 CdtNavMeshQueryProvides the ability to perform pathfinding related queries against a navigation mesh
 CdtOffMeshConnectionDefines an navigation mesh off-mesh connection within a dtMeshTile object
 CdtPathCorridorRepresents a dynamic polygon corridor used to plan agent movement
 CdtPolyDefines a polygon within a dtMeshTile object
 CdtPolyDetailDefines the location of detail sub-mesh data within a dtMeshTile
 CdtPolyQueryProvides custom polygon query behavior
 CdtQueryFilterDefines polygon filtering and traversal costs for navigation mesh query operations
 CdtRaycastHitProvides information about raycast hit filled by dtNavMeshQuery::raycast
 CrcCompactCellProvides information on the content of a cell column in a compact heightfield
 CrcCompactHeightfieldA compact, static heightfield representing unobstructed space
 CrcCompactSpanRepresents a span of unobstructed space within a compact heightfield
 CrcConfigSpecifies a configuration to use when performing Recast builds
 CrcContextProvides an interface for optional logging and performance tracking of the Recast build process
 CrcContourRepresents a simple, non-overlapping contour in field space
 CrcContourSetRepresents a group of related contours
 CrcHeightfieldA dynamic heightfield representing obstructed space
 CrcHeightfieldLayerRepresents a heightfield layer within a layer set
 CrcHeightfieldLayerSetRepresents a set of heightfield layers
 CrcIntArrayA simple dynamic array of integers
 CrcPolyMeshRepresents a polygon mesh suitable for use in building a navigation mesh
 CrcPolyMeshDetailContains triangle meshes that represent detailed height data associated with the polygons in its associated polygon mesh object
 CrcScopedDeleteA simple helper class used to delete an array when it goes out of scope
 CrcScopedTimerA helper to first start a timer and then stop it when this helper goes out of scope
 CrcSpanRepresents a span in a heightfield
 CrcSpanPoolA memory pool used for quick allocation of spans within a heightfield